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In progress


Dhapai is a high-end tea shop/cafe located in Ponzano, Madrid. The main guideline in interior design was the original experience of drinking traditional Indian tea. With large glass surfaces at the entrance, the cafe offers its guests a carefree leisure time or a part-time office.

The interior of the cafe is divided into three parts and is suitable for different types of social gatherings. At the entry of the cafe, on both big windows, there are high wooden surfaces incorporated, used either as a table or a bench. The latter continues by the wall all around the cafe, making it a perfect spot for little groups or individuals. At the central part of the space, guests can sit on bigger lounge chairs and enjoy some traditional Indian food to accompany the tea. This part of the space is also suitable for larger groups of people, as the positioning of chairs and tables is extremely flexible. In the back of the cafe, there is a big, common-use table, where people can come with their laptops to work.

The main materials of the interior are warm wood tones and light off-white paint, with dark accents such as tables. The countertop, made from natural dark stone, gives weight to the cafe. The floor is covered with white terrazzo, which is an extremely grateful material due to its good durability and easy maintenance.

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