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lorca studio cocina barcelona gracia

MM 20

RESIDENTIAL - Full renovation and interior design

August 2022

Barcelona, Spain

The apartment in the central neighbourhood of Gracia in Barcelona was designed for a young businessman, whose home is also his workspace. This modern kind of living needed a redistribution of the space to make it adaptable to diverse needs.

The living areas were combined into one big open space, which centralised the public areas allowing the creation of an additional room - the office. The design of the whole main area influenced the rest of the apartment, being the focal point.

The beautiful arched ceiling (bóveda Catalana), fireplace and built-in furniture were refurbished to keep the essence of these classic elements very common in the area. While other elements like hydraulic tiles were incorporated into the kitchen, to resemble originals but with a modern touch. This defined the overall colour palette with energising yellow details in the living spaces and calm blue and green tones for the private rooms.

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