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RESIDENTIAL - Custom design


In progress

This particular design was created for the arising exterior fence of a uni-familiar residence in the north-eastern part of Madrid. The key was to maintain privacy from pedestrians passing the building, without compromising the views from inside.

The existing walls were quite rough-looking and the bypassing street is a slope, lowering from the entrance down to the garage door. In order to make it feel softer, the idea was to include the small wave which is following the street level to achieve the desired effect. Lamellas on the fence are angle-placed to have privacy as well as views. Apart from the fence in this exterior, we also designed the entrance to the front yard and the car access doors and both doors are following the same idea.

The selection of the dark grey color was based on the fact that all of the other details in the house, such as windows, are produced in the same color.

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