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PP 38

RESIDENTIAL - Full renovation and interior design

Águilas, Spain

July 2021

The owners contacted our team to help them with the interior design of their holiday apartment in Águilas. During holidays, families like to spend as much time together as possible and this one is no different, therefore they wished to connect the living areas.

Small distribution changes were made, which significantly influenced the whole atmosphere of the apartment.
The central part is now a bright and airy space, which combines the living room, kitchen and dining room, giving seamless access to the outdoor terrace. The apartment interior design is made from natural materials such as stone and wood in white, beige and grey shades with blue and black accents.

All of the windows are facing a beautiful seaside landscape and overlooking the marina; this was the main guideline while designing the apartment. Temperatures in this area can often rise to over 35 degrees Celsius during summer, therefore lots of cool materials, natural stones, and plenty of light-coloured surfaces were used in the design.

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